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Stress and Alcohol are a Harmful ConcoctionStress and Alcohol are a Harmful Concoction

April 2018 – Tests, class projects and work schedule tensions are building and students could turn to alcohol as a way to blow off steam and/or get some rest.

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3 tips for spring exercise3 Tips for Spring Exercise

April 2018 – Start slow. After a long winter spent inside, many people want to start the spring off with a bang – making commitments like “run outside every morning.” Although committing to new habits is good, this may set you up for an overuse injury.

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mumps preventionMU confirms four cases of mumps

November 2016 – University of Missouri officials have confirmed that four students have contracted mumps and five students are being tested for the disease. None of the students are living in university housing. Some of the students awaiting test results are still contagious; health officials have recommended that they stay home and not attend classes. Anyone who suspects they might have the disease is encouraged to call their health care provider.

“All of the students received the required two doses of the MMR vaccine,” said Susan Even, executive director of the Student Health Center. “We’re encouraging anyone who might have facial swelling or soreness to call for a same-day appointment.”

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Dehydration signs: lightheadedness, dry lips, fatigue, headache, thristiness and dry mouthHeat-related illnesses and how to avoid them

June 2016 - While you’re enjoying yourself outside this summer, remember that heat exhaustion can sneak up on you. Protect yourself and others by avoiding some of these pitfalls we discussed with Dr. Even, University of Missouri Student Health Center Executive Director and Campus Chief Student Health Officer.

Avoid these heat mistakes:
Reaching for a cold one. Drinking alcoholic or caffeinated drinks can pull water from the body and dehydrate you further. “Drink water or fluids with electrolytes, like a sports drink,” said Dr. Even. Also, very cold beverages might make your stomach cramp.

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Susan Even, MD, photoExecutive Director Inducted
as a Fellow of the American College Health Association  

May 2015 - American College Health Association Fellow Throughout her 30-year career, Susan Even, MD, has strived to place college students in the center of what she and the Health Center accomplishes every day. Being inducted as an American College Health Association Fellow recognizes Even’s national and state leadership in college health and her accomplishments as a physician.

As director of the MU Student Health Center and the University of Missouri’s chief campus health officer, she works continually to ensure the Health Center meets the needs of a growing and changing campus population. Her vision includes moving the Health Center toward a certified patient-centered health care home with integrated medical care, behavioral health services and health promotion and wellness services.

The ACHA Fellows organization was established in 1967 to recognize those members who have given outstanding service to the association, and have demonstrated superior professional stature and performance in the college health field.  

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Terry Wilson photoStudent Health Center Contemplative Practice Center for Stress
Management and Wellness Receives Best Practices in College Health Award
from the American College Health Association Award  

May 2015 - Instructors at the University of Missouri Student Health Center’s Contemplative Practice center
take ancient practices and adapt them to modern times. By cultivating mindfulness through contemplative practices,
students are able to apply the techniques learned through meditation, mindful yoga and loving-kindness to their
academic studies and personal self-care.

“The Contemplative Practice Center offers a daily refuge for quiet reflection where students gather and support each other under the guidance of experienced professional staff,” says Terry Wilson, certified health education specialist and health promotion and wellness director. “Students have the opportunity to leave the University with more than a degree. They develop enduring interpersonal skills they can use for life.”

The Best Practices in College Health award recognizes exemplary, innovative, and inspirational practices in one of four major areas of college health: (1) clinical services, (2) counseling services, (3) administrative and consumer services and (4) health education and promotion services.

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Craig Rooney photoUniversity of Missouri Student Health Center Behavioral Health Director Receives Affiliate New Professionals Award
from the American College Health Association

May 2015 - Working as a behavioral health professional on a university campus is all about relationship building and leadership. These skills are Craig Rooney’s, PhD, strengths. Rooney serves as the behavioral health director at University of Missouri Student Health Center. These strengths are being recognized at the national level as he receives the Central College Health Associations Affiliate New Professional Award in late May.

This award recognizes American College Health Association members who have provided service to the field of college health for five years or less and who have made significant contributions to their institutions and/or affiliate.

“Our behavioral health team has been working hand-in-hand with medical professionals across the spectrum, both in the community and on campus, to provide a higher quality of health care for our students,” says Colton Miller, PhD and Health Center psychologist. “Dr. Rooney has made strengthening these relationships a priority and he remains committed to taking multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to health care.”  

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Journal of American College Health May 2015 coverMU Student Health Center Featured on the Journal of American College Health Cover

May 2015 - The University of Missouri Student Health Center is featured on this edition of the Journal of American College Health. With more than 2,900 individual college health care professionals in ACHA, this national publication keeps them abreast of developments and research that impacts college health.

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Autism Mentor Program 2015Autism Mentor Program Helps Those on the
Spectrum Navigate the Rigors of Higher Education

May 2015 -Although not a cure, Colton Miller, PhD, a University of Missouri Student Health Center psychologist, has developed an additional resource for those on the autism spectrum going through the rigors of higher education.

“We are educating student mentors about autism and how to help their peers on the spectrum navigate social and academic situations,” Colton Miller says.

This two-credit-hour, semester-long course fulfills a general elective credit for the mentors as they learn behavioral skills interventions to help their mentees. “Traditional talk therapy may not work as well for individuals on the spectrum,” Colton Miller says, “but combine that with behavioral skills and peer interaction and you get many more successes.”

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