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As a health care facility, our work is guided by a commitment to the University of Missouri values of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence and the MU School of Medicine values.

Mission: The Health Center promotes high quality integrated health services to MU students and the health of the entire Campus community.

Vision: To be a national leader in delivery of integrated college health services with recognition that health is foundational to academic success and future productivity of MU students. View our annual report.


Excellence: We pursue the highest goals and accept the sacrifices and responsibilities required to achieve our best possible performance.

Respect: We nurture free and open discourse, listen to new ideas, and value diverse perspectives and talents.

Service: We put forth our most diligent efforts on behalf of our patients, learners, stakeholders, partners and coworkers.

Integrity: We commit to honesty, truthfulness and authenticity in our relationships and activities.

Responsibility: We exhibit a strong sense of duty, stewardship and accountability to each other and to the public.

Innovation: We pursue an ongoing, collaborative process of discovery and translate knowledge for the benefit and service of society.

Compassion: We relate to others in a caring, empathic manner and strive to prevent and relieve human suffering.

Inclusion: We promote diversity and convey a sense of belonging, respect and value for all persons.


Association and Accreditation Organizations

When looking toward the future, there are several professional organizations that guide us.



Assessing health trends locally and nationally guide our planning efforts.





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