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Three ways to get creative with your health

1. Prepare for success – Lay out the workout clothes, fill the water bottle and pack the gym bag the night before. Wear your favorite pair of gym shoes all day tomorrow to inspire you to get active. Plan what you will do at the gym once you get there. Create a fun playlist or find one on Spotify to make the workout fun and exciting. Planning ahead is the first step in meeting your workout goal.

2. Make something – Coloring, drawing, creating, designing, and getting crafty is a great way to unwind and let the creative juices flow. Unwinding by making art can release stress and increase relaxation. Check out our stress-reducing coloring pages or look online for more craft ideas. Let your imagination go wild!

3. Create goals, then demolish them– Make a list of a few things you have been wanting to improve in your life. And use it. Lists really work if you use them. Prioritize your needs, make them attainable and start planning. What is one step that you can take to improve your health today?

Bonus tip: Get support when you need it – If you need more tips or just can’t seem to get moving, talk with one of our certified health coaches about creating a plan to stay active. Call 573-884-WELL (9355) for an appointment.




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