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Get to Know CoMo

A good way to get extra steps in is to get to know CoMo. Skip the parking and walk downtown with your friends. Whether you're new to Columbia, moving back or you've lived here all your life, there's always something to explore. Just 30 minutes of walking (or other cardio activity) per day can have great benefits for your whole body, including:

  • Decreases anxiety, depression and stress
  • Increases positive emotions
  • Promotes restful and quality sleep
  • Increases focus for academic success

If you are having trouble getting started, and would like support, we invite you to meet with a health coach to customize a plan based on your personal style and habits. Come in and talk with us and we’ll help you get started.

Want other places to walk on campus? Check out Stankowski Field between classes and take a few laps around the track or walk the Mizzou Botanic Garden trails.



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