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How to find a workout buddy

A great way to keep going is having a friend that will pick you up when your down and encourage you to get active. If you're feeling extra motivated? Be that friend for someone else.

1. Find a really motivated person, and become buddies – Is there someone you see on the trail every time you go? Or someone at a TigerX class that really looks like they know what they're doing? Ask to workout with someone you already know is motivated and consistent (bonus if they are slightly more fit than you - you naturally meet the level of intensity of your workout buddy).

2. Ask someone you're already friends with– Look through your newsfeed and you'll likely see one of your friends that is interested in fitness, too! Or someone in your class is always wearing workout clothes to get in a walk after class. Become better friends with someone you already know by spending time working out. Making a plan with someone means you're less likely to blow off a workout.

3. Set a small goal with a friend who needs motivation
Do you have a friend who is always talking about starting a new routine, but never gets around to it? Be that motivating person for them and commit together. Maybe you both sign up for a 5k and use the Couch to 5K app. Or, just tell them about the #MizzouFit challenge. Having a common goal helps you connect as friends and can motivate you to both achieve your goals.




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