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Audios & videos

Allow yourself time to pause and practice the following guided sitting and movement meditations.
NOTE: All Videos are on Quick Time. Use Internet Explorer to access.



Mindful Meditations and Relaxation



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Yoga Breathing Videos and Audios

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3-Part Breath Video

3-Part Breath mp3 (audio only)


• Relaxation/slowing down of body and mind
• Mental focus
• When practiced regularly, improved physiological response to “stressful” situations
• Improved brain function with regards to memory storage/retrieval

Ocean-Sounding Breath Video

Ocean-Sounding Breath mp3 (audio only)


• The audible sound of the breath grabs the attention of the mind and settles it down
• Serves as a focal point for attention in meditation
• Stimulates the vagus nerve, resulting in relaxation
• Very soothing to the nervous system

Alternate-Nostril Breathing Video

Alternate-Nostril Breathing mp3 (audio only)


• Excellent breathing technique to calm and center the mind
• Brings the mind to the present moment
• Releases accumulated stress in the mind and body and relaxes both
• Balances right and left sides of the brain, which brings harmony to the mind and body


Additional meditation resources


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