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Behavioral Health Groups

Our groups are designed to specifically address issues we commonly see among Mizzou students. Groups consist of 1-2 counselors/facilitators and multiple students; and while some students express concerns about engaging in a group format, research shows in some areas the benefits of group therapy exceeds the benefits of individual therapy.

Groups offer you an opportunity to give and receive support from one another and to share information, ideas and problem-solving tips from multiple perspectives.

Even though an outside provider referred you to us, you can expect to meet with at least one member of our behavioral health team prior to starting any groups. This way we can answer any questions you may have beforehand.



peace of mind

Peace of Mind is a 6-week therapy group for students who want to increase life skills and the ability to cope with difficult thoughts and emotions, stress and conflict as well as improve daily functioning.  

You can learn how to live in the moment, manage your thoughts and emotions, increase interpersonal skillfulness and identify what's really important in your life.

Each class provides an informational overview, handouts, homework/practice exercises and a guided meditation.

  • Provider referral required.
  • $15 supply fee; $50 is charged to your account if you miss more than one group.
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international growth group

This semi-structured group is designed to support the socio-emotional development of international students.

In this group, you'll address cultural adjustment, academic challenges, relationship difficulties, assertiveness, time management, procrastination and emotional well-being issues.

However, it really aims at strengthening your ability to become interdependent, cope with stress and build healthier relationships.

  • 8-week, closed group. Provider referral required.
  • Fees are based on attendance; $50 is charged to your account if you miss more than one group.
bipolar affective disorder support group

This group is open to MU students who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder. It provides an opportunity for those who want a safe, supportive space to learn more about their diagnosis and increase coping skills relating to mood and mood stability.

Members are expected to be committed to their health and well being as well as follow their provider’s (internal and external) recommendations.

  • Provider referral required.
  • Times and dates are based on student availability.
  • Fees are based on attendance - there's no charge if you attend 5 of 6 sessions; $50 is charged to your account if you miss more than one group.
  • This group is full for Spring 2017.
power-based personal support violence group

The Power-Based Personal Support Violence support group is an 8-week open group available to MU students who have experienced relationship or intimate partner violence, sexual violence, stalking, etc. past or present.

This support group helps build resiliency, coping skills and connection within and among survivors of power-based personal violence. It's intended to provide a safe space for building a supportive community.

  • Provider referral required.
  • There is no fee for this group at this time.
Anxiety Workshop

The Anxiety Workshops are 4-week, classroom-like courses designed to help you develop coping skills for anxiety symptom. You'll increase your knowledge of anxiety, its causes and symptoms while learning and practicing new skills to aid in building self-mastery and confidence.

  • Provider referral required.
  • There are no fees for these workshops at this time.
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