At the Student Health Center we have an allergy clinic so students can get their allergy injections. You only need to supply your antigens and orders from your allergist. Although we don't do allergy testing, we can refer you upon request.

A person getting an allergy shot

  1. Antigens are only accepted directly from your allergist. Do not hand carry them in. Advise your home allergist that you will be attending the University of Missouri and need your antigen vial(s) and schedule mailed to:The Allergy Nurse
    MU Student Health Center
    1020 Hitt St. DC 800.00
    Columbia, MO 65212
  2. Reassure your allergist that the Health Center has physicians available at all times and the appropriate emergency medications are close at hand in case of an adverse reaction. If your allergist has any questions they can email or call the allergy nurse at 573-882-4661.
  3. Make an appointment with a medical provider at 573-882-7481:
    • We want to get to know you before you start getting injections.
    • This may include reviewing medical history and a brief exam. This is a one-time appointment throughout your college career to receive allergy injections.
  4. Wait 30 minutes after each injection. This is protocol with all allergy offices and there are no exceptions to this rule.

There is additional information about how we handle academic breaks, receiving new vials, setting your injection schedule and reaction protocols on ourĀ website.