You want your student to stay healthy and happy at the University of Missouri and so do we. What can you do to help them? Here are five conversation starters you can use right now to talk to your student about staying healthy at Mizzou.

Don’t get held up

Student Health CenterIf proof of immunizations is not turned in, a hold will be placed on your student’s account for class pre-registration in late October. This means your student won’t be able to enroll in classes for the Spring Semester. This simple step will save you and your student a huge headache later. Also, in accordance with state law (MO SB635), we are providing the informational brochure developed by the MO Department of Health and Senior Services describing meningococcal disease and vaccines against the serious disease.

Extra tip

While we’re talking about immunizations – have your student get their flu shot. It reduces their chances of getting sick and missing classes. We have the vaccine available now, they just need to call for an appointment. The #1 reason students tell us they got their flu shot – “My mom told me to.” See, they are listening to you.

Call for an appointment

Just like most hometown health centers, the Student Health Center accepts patients by appointment only. Calling typically allows us to provide same- or next-day medical appointment. We can see your student for anything their hometown doctor typically manages. We also have a host of behavioral health and health prevention services.

Pull out your phone

Take a picture of your insurance card front and back, add the Health Center’s phone number 573-882-7481) and also note the policy holder’s birthdate. This is a good way to make sure your student has the insurance information needed at the Health Center. Check with your insurance company about what they will and won’t cover while your student is at Mizzou.

Learn about integrated care

Remind your student about how many professionals are providing care at the Health Center. Our board-certified medical providers and licensed behavioral health providers work side-by-side to make sure your student has access to integrated health care without leaving campus. You could also suggest they drop into one of our free* meditation and yoga classes. *covered by the student health fee

Get on Facebook

One of the best ways to know what going on at the Health Center (like yoga class or flu shot availability) or get updates on events is to connect with us on social media. Both you and your student can check out our Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram profile and YouTube.