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Leadership Bios

Meet the 2018-19 BREATHE Leadership

Chris Shannon, BREATHE president

Christopher Shannon
President & Student Development Chair

Major: Psychology and Anthropology; Post-Bachelorette graduate studies

Expected graduation date: May 2019

Why I joined BREATHE: Just like mindfulness and meditation can be a refuge from the melee of stressful, negative thoughts in the mind, so too has BREATHE and it’s wonderful community been a sanctuary for me amongst the hustle and bustle of college life. Come for the knowledge & practice, stay for the community.

Bini Sebastian
Vice President & Outreach Coordinator

Major: Counseling Psychology, PhD program

Expected graduation date: May 2021

Why I joined BREATHE: I was first interested in the philosophy of mindfulness from a research standpoint and this interest soon evolved into the beginning of my own practice. After moving to Columbia, I quickly learned that BREATHE would be a community who would support me in my exploration and dedication. My research interests, which include mindfulness and cultural diversity, align with the mindfulness principles of non-judgment, openness and awareness; and I have found the BREATHE members aim to embody these values.

Gianna Vani
Event Coordinator

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Expected graduation date: December 2018

Why I joined BREATHE: Coming from Chicago, I left behind a strong group of spiritual friends; as a freshman at Mizzou, I struggled finding that “family” connection I needed to keep me grounded away from home. I didn’t know where to find that stress-free, peaceful environment in Missouri, until I found BREATHE. I stumbled upon the organization at the start of my sophomore year during some low points in my life. The organization welcomed me in with open arms, reminded me to always keep breathing and guided me through all those rocky times. Thanks to the love and support of BREATHE members, it brings me much joy to say that today this community is now my current “home.”

Mitch Feyerherm

Mitch Feyerherm

Major: Soil Sciences

Expected graduation date: May 2019

Why I joined BREATHE: I came to breathe with an intermittent interest in meditation. What I found was a community and a peace I did not know existed. I can credit the group with my continuing meditation practice and some of the most rewarding friendships I have made here at Mizzou. BREATHE and all of the Contemplative Practice Center’s activities are valued resources for myself and many in the University of Missouri community.

Phoebe Mussman

Phoebe Mussman
Communication Chair

Major: Journalism

Expected graduation date: May 2019

Why I joined BREATHE: After dabbling in philosophy, eastern religion and mindfulness, finding BREATHE in my college career was one of the best things to happened to me. I’ve found meditation’s effects on my life are all-encompassing and tangibly real. Moreover, inclusion in a community that values it adds another layer of meaning and connection, which I hope to share with as many people as possible.