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SEXtionary 2010-11

Cartoon SHAPE peer 1
Aug. 25

SEXcation (seks-kā’-shen) n., [Slang]
1 The location of sexual health safety products machines in the MU Residence Halls (Gillett, Wolpers, Mark Twain, Center, Bingham/Hatch, Lathrop).
2 Where sexually responsible MU students go to access free sexual health safety products. Products, stocked by SHAPE peers, include male condoms, female condoms and oral dams.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 2
Sep. 8

SEXercise (seks-er-sīz’) v., [Slang]
1 The action of exercising your sexual health and/or dating rights.
2 In keeping with SHAPE’s mission, enjoying your sexual health according to your values; whether abstinent or engaging in a sexual relationship.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 3
Sep. 22

SEXify (seks-’i-fī’) v., [Slang]
1 Act of self-satisfaction that may or may not involve sexual activity with a second person.
2 Incorporating knowledge from a SHAPE presentation to make yourself look and feel sexy in a socially, physically and emotionally responsible way.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 4
Oct. 6

SEXploitation (seks-ploit’-tā-shen) v., [Slang]
1 The media’s oppressive promotion of unhealthy sexuality and body image.
2 (n.) What SHAPE peer educators counteract when conducting educational programs to advocate for smarter, healthier sexuality.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 5
Oct. 20

SEXpression (seks’-presh-shen) v., [Slang]
1 Communication with your partner about sexual boundaries, barrier protection, testing and what you enjoy sexually.
2 How you present yourself based on your gender identity.
3 Necessary dialogue to form a satisfying sexual relationship according to SHAPE’s values of Talk, Protect, Respect and Enjoy.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 6
Nov. 2

SEXfoliate (seks-fō’-lē-āte’) v., [Slang]
1 The act of stripping away myths and misinformation about sexual health issues.
2 n. A core mission of the SHAPE program.

Nov. 17

SEXcellent (seks’-se-lent) adj., [Slang]
1 Quality, substance-free, mutually consensual, sexual encounters using sexual health safety products.
2 Outstanding quality of sexual health and SHAPE programs.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 1
Dec. 1

SEXpired (seks-spired’) adj., [Slang]
1 Expired, unusable sexual health safety products not suitable for use during oral, anal or vaginal intercourse.
2 Type of safety products only suitable for use in demonstrations by SHAPE peer educators or for other sexual health programs.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 1
Jan. 26

SEXploration (seks’-plor-ā’-shen) v., [Slang]
1 A lifelong learning process of exploring and discovering your sexuality according to your values.
2 Investigating all sexual health resources (offered through the SHAPE program) available to MU students on and off campus, including events, safety products and

Cartoon SHAPE peer 2
Feb. 9

SEXceed (seks-cēēd’) v., [Slang]
1 Healthy practice of knowing your STI status, encouraged by SHAPE peer educators.
2 Obtaining confidential Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing.
3 Completing HIV testing co-sponsored by the SHAPE program on World AIDS Day (Dec. 1).

Cartoon SHAPE peer 3
Feb. 23

SEXology (seks-äl’ejē) n., [Slang]
1 The scientific study of sexual health development, behavior, interest and function.
2 The evidence-based programming SHAPE uses to correct common myths about sex.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 4
March 9

SEXit (seks’it) v., [Slang]
1 The act of saying “no” or abstaining from any or all sexual behaviors, depending on your personal sexual boundaries.
2 Communicating your personal limits in relationships; an act taught by SHAPE peer educators in presentations.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 5
March 23

SEXting (seks-ting) v., [Slang]
1 To express yourself sexually by using modern cellular technology; extreme caution is recommended due to the ease of third party access and potential litigation.
2 Using the SHAPE website to request a program to receive evidence-based, accurate, honest answers to your sexual health questions.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 3
April 6

SEXplosive (seks-plō’-siv) adj., [Slang]
1 The controversial nature of numerous sexual health topics.
2 Understanding what you find pleasurable as a sexual being.
3 The characteristics of the exciting, ever-changing, dynamic field of sexual health.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 6
April 20

SEXpective (seks-pek’-tiv) adj., [Slang]
1 Sexual act where full and mutually explicit consent is given by all parties and decided upon while in a substance-free, coherent state.
2 Characteristic of a healthy relationship that includes mutual respect among all partners; part of SHAPE’s mission.

May 4

SEXpositive (seks-paz-e’-tiv) adj., [Slang]
1 A safe, nonjudgmental environment that allows for open discussion about sexual health.
2 The type of environment SHAPE tries to promote across campus.