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SEXtionary 2011-12

Cartoon SHAPE peer 1
Sep. 7

SEXography (seks-ag’-refe) n., [Slang]
1 Investigation of sexual health values, beliefs, behaviors and societal norms from a variety of cultures.
2 (v.) Constructing and shaping the map of your sexual health knowledge, activities and relationships.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 2
Sep. 21

SEXfolio (seks-fo’-leo’)  n., [Slang]
1 Your collection of sexual health knowledge used in a healthy and pleasurable sexual relationship.
2 Collection of informative, interactive presentations and resources offered through the SHAPE program.

Feb. 1

SEXentation (seks-en-ta-shen)  n., [Slang]
1 A series of sexual health programs you can request for your floor by calling 573-882-1417.
2 A key service offered by SHAPE peer educators on different occasions for a variety of groups and organizations across the MU campus. Choose a program, such as Sexual Health Jeopardy or Safety Products Olympics or a series.

Feb. 15

SEXtritious (seks-tri-shes) adj., [Slang]
1 Communicating your relationship needs by asserting yourself and encouraging mutual respect.
2 Seeking a daily dose of sexual health information through the {S}Health web site, the mobile app, regular STI testing, talking to your friends and/or asserting your sexual rights.

Feb. 29

SEXterity (seks-ter-e-te) n., [Slang]
1 A type of relationship that includes open, honest communication between partners.
2 A skill enhanced or refined by attending a Healthy Relationships program conducted by SHAPE.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 11
March 14

SEXonerate (seks-ä-ne-rate) v., [Slang]
1 To understand, respect and appreciate your sexuality.
2 What occurs as a result of attending SHAPE programs, visiting the {S}Health web site and downloading the mobile app or enrolling in WGST 2960: Sexual Health Advocacy and Service Learning.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 12
March 21

SEXevision (seks-e-vi-shen) n., [Slang]
1 An electronic device that visually and audibly communicates a culture’s beliefs about sexuality and sexual health.
2 Films used in WGST 2960: Sexual Health Advocacy and Service Learning to start a discussion about sexual health and improve a student’s media literacy.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 13
April 4

SEXcept (seks-sept) v., [Slang]
1 To consent to a sexual relationship with mutually agreed upon expectations by all parties.
2 To understand discussing sexuality is difficult and to enroll in WGST 2960 to investigate sexual health topics.