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SEXtionary 2012-13

Cartoon SHAPE peer 14
Aug. 22

SEXtend (seks-tend) v., [Slang]
1 To create a safe and respectful learning environment to promote healthy sexuality for all people regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sex, sexual orientation or preferences.
2 To collaborate with on- and off-campus social justice organizations.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 15
Sep. 5

SEXcure (seks-ker) v., [Slang]
1 Reducing STI transmission by using a barrier method, practicing abstinence or engaging in low-risk sexual activities, i.e. cuddling.
2 Accessing sexual health safety products located in six Residence Halls — Center, Mark Twain, Lathrop, Bingham-Hatch, Wolpers & Hudson.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 9
Sep. 19

SEXam (seks-am) n., [Slang]
1 The daily ritual of investigating, advocating and protecting your rights as a sexual being.
2 Preparing includes seeking regular STI testing, openly communicating your sexual needs to your partner(s), exploring your beliefs and establishing your boundaries.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 14
Oct. 3

SEX-ray Vision (seks-ra-vi-zhen) n., [Slang]
1 The ability to see through myths about sexuality including STI testing and contraceptive methods.
2 An ability you gain from enrolling in WGST 2960 to aquire accurate sexual health information as a pre-requiste to becoming a SHAPE peer educator.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 10
Oct. 17

SEXpocalyptic (seks-pa-ka-lip-tik) adj., [Slang]
1 Disclosing your STI status to a new partner.
2 Strategies used by the Sexual Health @ MU program to promote safer sexuality including open, honest communication without judgement.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 16
Nov. 30

SEXpionage (seks-pe-e-naj) n., [Slang]
1 An excursion with your BFF to get tested and know your STIstatus to reduce STI stigma.
2 The collaboration among SHAPE, MU Women’s Center, LGBTQ Resource Center, Boone County Health Department and Rain of Central Missouri to facilitate free and confidential HIV testing twice a month.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 16
Jan. 23

SEXavigation (seks-a-ve-ga-shen) n., [Slang]
1 The journey of exploring one’s sexual values and beliefs (including choosing to be sexually abstinent) while planning for the future.
2 Enroll in WGST 2960 or become a Sexual Health Advocate Peer Educator for the Student Health Center.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 18
Jan. 30

SEXponential (seks-pə-‘nen-chəl) adj., [Slang]
1 Increasing your sexual health knowledge by checking out {S}Health, attending a SHAPE program, enrolling in WGST 2960 or just openly communicating with people different from yourself about sexuality.
2 Empowerment through creating a cultural shift.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 19
Feb. 13

SEXpulsion (seks-‘pəl-shən) n., [Slang]
1 Making a conscious decision to end or remove yourself from an unhealthy, intimate relationship.
2 Visiting the Sexual Health Advocate Peer Education (SHAPE) office at the Student Health Center identify signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 20
Feb. 27

SEXmergency (seks-‘mər-jən-sē) n., [Slang]
1 Being aware of the sexual behaviors that can pose an imminent risk to your health, such as not using a barrier method while under the influence.
2 Prevented by accessing the free barrier methods (female/male condoms and oral dams) that are located in five residence halls, the Student Health Center, the LGBTQ Resource Center and the Women’s Center.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 21
March 13

SEXsent (seks-‘sent) n., [Slang]
1 The type of informed consent all sexually active students at MU provide their partner(s) before engaging in any type of sexual activity.
2 Mutual agreement between people that is void of alcohol or illicit substances and explicitly stated, free of coercion and manipulation.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 22
April 3

SEXternal (seks-‘tər-nəl) n., [Slang]
1 The correct and consistent placement of an oral dam or a female condom to prevent transmission of STIs (sexual transmitted infections).
2 Request a SHAPE program, check out the demonstration video and download the free {S}Health App to learn how to use these safer sex products.

Cartoon SHAPE peer 18
April 17

SEXpectation (seks-‘spek-‘tā-shən) n., [Slang]
1 The belief MU students will lead healthier, happier and safer lives after attending a Sexual Health Advocate Peer Education (SHAPE) program.
2 The feeling that the majority of MU students (90%) feel when their partner asked them to use a barrier method (SHS, 2009).

Cartoon SHAPE peer 23
May 1

SEXtrapolate (seks-‘stra-pə-‘lāt) v., [Slang]
1 Using MU-specific data to inform sexual health programming @ MU, located in the Student Health Center.
2 Find out more about Sexual Health @ Mizzou by visiting {S}Health or stop by the Health Promotion office at the Student Health Center.