Bring a current insurance card to every appointment. It is needed at check-in, for annual enrollment and to verify benefits for billing.

Important contents of your insurance card

  • Contact information for your insurance company. Needed to help determine your deductible and plan coverage. This helps you make the best decision when your SHC provider orders lab, X-ray or if you need referral to a specialist
  • Birthdate of the policy holder (month-day-year), usually a family member. Needed to file a claim.
  • The amount you must pay, out of pocket, before the coverage applies.
  • The amount your insurance expects you to pay at each appointment.

Questions to ask your health insurance company about coverage

  • To see if your policy is in network with the MU Student Health Center, ask: Is my insurance plan in network with University Physicians (tax ID# 900294051)? If your insurance company has difficulty finding University Physicians in network, please contact our insurance office at 573-882-9107 for help.
  • Ask: Can I change my coverage (i.e., away-from-home care) while attending the University of Missouri?

Health insurance is complicated

Student Health Center (SHC) insurance specialists are prepared to help students understand their insurance policy. Call 573-882-9107 with insurance questions, ideally before an appointment or procedure. Remember your health fee is not insurance. Learn more about your student health fee.

Each insurance plan is unique, with specified benefits and coverage and designated networks of providers. Through the University Physicians, the Student Health Center has contracted with Anthem Student Health Insurance and most major insurance payers.

The ability to pay is not a barrier to receiving health care at Student Health Center. Staff will work with you if you have billing concerns. Learn more about our financial assistance policy.

Uninsured students are encouraged to purchase the university-sponsored Anthem Student Health Insurance within the specified enrollment period. If this isn’t possible, self-paying students are given a substantial discount by University Physicians applied toward their bill.