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Body Image

Healthy eating and regular physical activity are only two of the many dimensions that foster wellness. How we perceive our body drives our behaviors that are either life-enhancing or detrimental to overall well-being.

Throughout our lives we sometimes receive critical messages from parents, peers, society and media that can lead to problems with body image. We are encouraged to achieve an unrealistic body standard of beauty that leaves one feeling deficient by comparison. False external messages are internalized which often lead to self-defeating and destructive habits.

Meet with our certified health coach for a holistic approach to wellness and take steps to a healthier you. To schedule your individual appointment, call 573-884-1483.


  • Body-centered practices like Mindful Yoga, meditation and Peace of Mind cultivate awareness and compassion and allow us to be comfortable in our own skin.
  • Get a sense of concepts and skills leading to positive body image.
  • Where are you now and where do you want to be on the Body Image Continuum?
  • Our staff in Behavioral Health are also available to support a healthier you.
  • Try the new online BodyU program for personalized programs in general fitness, eating habits and personal body esteem.