Health Profession Away-Rotation Checklist

Congratulations on reaching the point in your academic career where you have the opportunity to complete an away rotation. When applying for an away rotation, you will likely need to submit a medical form. However, there is no universal form; therefore, many students will need to complete a different form for each rotation.

It is challenging for the Student Health Center to accommodate the heavy demand to complete forms for away rotations from medical and other health professional students each year. We ask that you follow the instructions below:

  • Plan well in advance of deadlines since this process may take up to four weeks.
  • Contact the Health Center by phone 573-882-2542 or email for a copy of immunization records we have on file. You will need to complete a release of information to receive the records.
  • Complete all personal/and demographic information.
  • Transpose all dates from the immunization record to the appropriate location on the form.
  • As much as possible, submit all complete away-rotation applications at one time to Prevention & Immunizations at the Health Center. This may be done in person, fax 573-884-4083 or by email.
  • Once the information is received, a Health Center staff member will review the materials and you will be contacted regarding the next steps.
    • If any blood tests or immunization titers are required, you will be given an order to have the blood drawn.
    • If any tuberculosis testing (TST or IGRA) is required, you will contacted to set up an appointment. If a TST is placed, a second visit will be required 48-72 hours later for the interpretation.
    • If a physical is required, our staff will assist you in making an appointment with one of our primary care providers.
  • When all results are available, a Health Center staff member will contact you for the final steps.
    • If immunizations are required, you will be asked to make an appointment to receive the injections and pick up the completed forms.

If all steps are satisfied, you will be informed you can pick up the completed forms in Prevention & Immunizations at the Health Center.