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Meet the 2018-19 SHAPE Peer Educators

Jessica Osaze

Outreach Coordinator

Jessica is a SHAPE Graduate Assistant for the MU Student Health Center. She is a first-year graduate student in Mizzou’s Masters of Social Work (MSW) program.

“I am passionate about young adults,” she says, ” it’s important that they receive early and ongoing sexual health education to diminish the risk of STIs, unwanted pregnancy and to learn about safe choices available in sexual activities and relationships. I believe SHAPE embodies and advocates this knowledge in a non-judgmental environment.”

Jessica has been involved in young girls’ education in Nigeria and hopes to set up non-profit organization to tackle discrimination against girl child education in Africa after graduation. In her downtime, she enjoys sunlight, long walks, hot bath, movies and meeting new people.


Libby Crank

Libby Crank


Libby Crank is a Women’s and Gender Studies sophomore at Mizzou.

“I wanted to join SHAPE so that I could advocate for sexual health and teach those around me what they need to know and what I wish I would have been taught,” she says. “I want my peers to know that sexual health shouldn’t be a taboo subject – it’s information we all need to know.”

In her free time, she loves making lattes at Starbucks, hiking and hammocking.


Zoe Romyn

Zoe Romyn


As a Hospitality Management student, Zoe Romyn joined SHAPE because sexual health is a part of all of our lives and she wanted to be a part of an organization that serves its community by providing information about such an important and inclusive topic.

“I would love to see SHAPE reach more people. Many aren’t aware of how great of an opportunity/resource that SHAPE presents to Mizzou’s community. I would love to see more attendance at our events and information sessions,” she says.

Zoe spends her free time singing, running and completing puzzles.


Colleen Lee

A freshman Social Work major, Colleen Lee is passionate about comprehensive sexual health education. “I grew up in a church that offered sex ed classes to being involved Planned Parenthood,” she says. “I believe SHAPE can initiate change and make Mizzou’s campus a safer, smarter place in terms of sexual health and education.”

Colleen loves to cook – especially the weird foods found on Pinterest. She also art journals and considers herself a cat enthusiast.

Taryn Fox

Taryn Fox

Taryn Fox is a pre-nursing major who believes that sexual health education is very important. “I want to get the conversation started about sexual health and help people make safe decisions,” she says. “I think the subject is hushed in our society and not many know about what sexual health includes.”

Taryn also enjoys reading (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), cooking, hiking, backpacking rollerblading and napping in her hammock.

Aja Williams

Aja Williams

Events Chair

A junior Finance and Real Estate major, Aja Williams wants to get involved in all the different events that SHAPE does during the semester. “I also want to gain knowledge about sexual health and share it with others on campus,” she says.

Aja loves traveling, working out, reading and watching movies.


Jaci Street

Marketing Chair

A sophomore Journalism major, Jaci Street wants SHAPE to persist as a safe and inclusive environment that strives to answer all questions about sexual health. “I joined SHAPE to become a judgement-free source of sexual health knowledge for my peers,” she says. “For me, SHAPE is about being the missing link in sexual education that many students desperately need when they start their collegiate careers.”

Photography, hiking and trying new restaurants are some of the things that Jaci does in her spare time.


Zoe Rich

Zoe Rich

Programming Chair

Zoe Rich wants to shed light on the stigma surrounding sexual health as a SHAPE peer. “To bring sexual health issues awareness to Mizzou is one of my goals,” she says, “and to educate Mizzou students on how to take care of themselves – both body and mind – is my second goal.”

This Environmental Studies and Political Science major enjoys creating art, being outside, cooking and petting dogs.

Deja McClendon

Deja McClendon

Deja McClendon is a Health Professions with an emphasis in Health and Wellness major. “My goal is to become more knowledgeable and confident in my skills as a peer educator,” she says, “Soon, I hope to have the opportunity to teach adolescents about their sexual health. In the process, I hope to create a safe space for teens and get them more excited about taking control of their sexual health.”

In her spare time, Deja loves working out, hiking and relaxing at home watching either Netflix or Hulu. Her favorite shows right now are Big Mouth, One Punch Man and Black Mirror; “check them out if you haven’t seen them!”

Veronica Mohesky

Veronica Mohesky

Veronica Mohesky is passionate about sexual health and she want to help her peers stay safe throughout college. “I want to give people the information they need to make safe, enthusiastic decisions about their sexual health ,” she says, “and to help foster the conversation about sexual health on campus.”

In her spare time, Veronica plays sand volleyball, works at MUTV 23 news, runs and acts.

Madison Bellamy

“I have always been passionate about educating myself and my friends with accurate information about sexual health that we didn’t learn in high school. I heard about SHAPE last year, and I knew it would be a perfect was to get information to even more people, while also gaining more knowledge myself,” says this junior who is double majoring in biology and psychology. “I hope to arm people with the most up to date accurate medical information, so that they can be confident in the decisions they make regarding their sexual health.”

In her spare time, Madison likes reading, embroidering and cooking.