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LGBTQ Health

transgender logoCaring for Gender Non-Conforming Students

The University of Missouri Student Health Center is committed to providing quality healthcare for all MU students, including those who identify as transgender.* Nationally, we recognize that transgender, gender queer, gender variant and gender non-conforming individuals tend to be inadequately served by the healthcare community. As a result, the Health Center is engaged in an ongoing comprehensive effort to continue to improve our services.

Students seeking services directly related to self-ascribed gender identity will be matched with compassionate providers informed in transgender issues. Services include assessment and supportive counseling, hormone initiation and therapy, and general medical care.

Here’s what we do to try to make your experience comfortable:

  • Ongoing training in gender identity issues for our staff.
  • Paperwork review and modification for inclusivity of all individuals from all backgrounds, including those who identify as transgender.
  • Patient Service Representative, nurse or provider will ask your preferredname so they can make a notation for use on future visits to Health Center.
  • Gender Neutral restrooms in the Health Center. Enter through Behavioral Health/Immunizations and follow the signs.
    • (map of gender-neutral bathrooms on Mizzou’s campus)

When calling the Health Center for your first visit, we ask your legal name. But when you give us your preferred name it will show up in our electronic medical record system.

  • We must designate sex assigned at birth.
  • Let us know your preferred gender pronouns.
  • Please be patient with us if we don’t always get it right. We are always trying to improve our services at the Health Center and we want you to remind us what your preferences are.

*Please note that we use the term transgender to include those individuals who identify as gender non-conforming, including but not limited to: gender queer, gender variant, bigender, transsexual, or other specific terms that individuals feel may more accurately describe their experience of themselves..

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