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Anxiety Workshops

These 4-week, classroom-like workshops are designed to help you develop coping skills for anxiety symptoms. You’ll increase your knowledge of anxiety, its causes and symptoms while learning and practicing new skills to aid in building self-mastery and confidence.

Skills learned include: deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, emotion identification, self compassion and assertive communications. You’ll also learn about sleep, its relationship to anxiety and strategies to improve your sleep habits.

Spring 2019 Workshops

  • Workshop A –Thursdays, 4 pm – Jan. 31-Feb. 21
  • Workshop B — Wednesdays, 12 pm – Feb. 6-27
  • Workshop C — Fridays, 12 pm – Feb. 22-Mar. 15
  • Workshop D — Thursdays, 4 pm – Feb. 28-Mar. 21
  • Workshop E — Wednesdays, 12 pm – Mar. 13-Apr. 10
  • Workshop F — Thursdays, 4 pm – Apr. 4-25
  • Workshop G — Fridays, 12 pm – Apr. 12-May 3
  • Workshop H — Wednesdays, 12 pm – Apr. 17-May 8

All workshops are held in the Health Center. Provider referral is required. Call for a triage appointment today if you are interested in joining a workshop. 573-882-1483

For your convenience, the anxiety workshops exercises are on our website.