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Contemplative Classes for Well-Being and Resilience

CPC Spring 2019 class calendar

Contemplative practices are practical and transformative which allow for the development of skills for quieting the mind in the midst of our hectic lives. Some people find that active, physical practices, like yoga, work best for them. Others find nourishment in still and silent practices, like mindful meditation. We encourage you to discover for yourself how contemplative practice, in whatever form is best for you, can enrich your life and work. Start by meeting our instructors and exploring the classes we offer, below.[/column]

Common benefits from engaging in contemplative practices include:

  • Generating an overall sense of calm and well-being
  • Managing stress and its impact on your body
  • Deepening your self-understanding
  • Sharpening your focus, concentration and insight
  • Improving your listening and communication skills
  • Treating others with greater compassion and wisdom
  • Seeing conflicts from different angles and creatively solving problems
  • Increasing global awareness and appreciation for the interconnection of all life

Content on this page was adapted from Contemplative Mind in Society website

Every class is located at the Contemplative Practice Center (Newman Center lower level, accessible by stairs only)(map). For accommodations and class information, please email Glenda Pape.