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Sexual & Reproductive Health

Sexuality and sexual health are basic to the human experience and should be delivered with dignity and respect. Student Health Center staff understand the socio-cultural influences that make us unique. Our medicalbehavioral health and wellness staff work together as a team to help you make important decisions about sexual and reproductive health. We provide quality clinical services, accurate information and educational opportunities to achieve optimal health.

Talking openly and honestly with your provider about questions and concerns will help you identify the best options. This may include discussing contraceptive methods, obtaining sexually transmitted infection (STIs) testing, counseling or referral to the variety of resources available through our campus educational program.

We have a variety of opportunities to support your sexual health and well-being:

Clinical Services

  • By appointment
    • Annual Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing (chlamydia & gonorrhea) *covered by your Student Health Fee
    • Sexual health screening and consultation
    • Birth control/contraceptive methods
    • Pregnancy testing
    • Post sexual assault care
    • Vaccines-HPV, Hepatitis B

Academic Credit Classes

  • Registration through MyZou required
  • WGST 2960-Sexual Health Advocacy and Service Learning (3 credits)
  • WGST 3960-Presentation Training (individualized) (1 credit)

Outreach and Education


  • SHAPE (Sexual Health Advocate Peer Education)
  • Free and Confidential MIZ GYT Testing Program
  • Sexual Health and Safety Products Program