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WGST 2960 – Sexual Health Advocacy and Service Learning

3 credit hours
Only offered in the Spring Semester

Want to learn more about sexual and reproductive health but were too afraid to ask? Need a fun, interactive class for next semester that counts as a general education course?

A wonderful way to acquire additional knowledge and skills applicable to the Sexual Health Advocate Peer Education (SHAPE) program is to enroll in a three credit course taught by Dr. Ginny Winter.

The course offers a comprehensive range of sexual health information employing a variety of teaching methods including discussion, readings, and activities developed to promote and challenge student learning.

Students will acquire life-long skills (communication and assertiveness) as well as have the opportunity to reflect on important content related to social justice and advocacy.
Because the course has a service-learning component, students are given the opportunity to pursue their unique interests related to sexual health on campus or in the community applying knowledge to a real life setting. The class is an amazing opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the most current topics in sexual health and to make a difference in the community and among your peers.

  • Safe, open environment
  • Critically investigate sexuality and reproductive health through a socio-cultural lens including:
    • religious
    • political
    • social justice
    • familial
    • societal influences

Through assigned readings, reflection, experiential learning, small group activities and open discussions, you will increase your awareness of sexual health issues, enhance self awareness and learn how to effectively educate your peers surrounding issues of sexual health.

For more information, email Dr. Ginny Winter, instructor.


WGST 3960 – Strategies for Effective Peer Education

1 credit hour
Only offered in the Spring Semester

This course is designed to apply the students existing health knowledge to conduct effective presentations. Students will engage in experiential practice and skill building surrounding cultural competency, difficult discourses, discussion facilitation and behavior management.


Here's what SHAPE peers had to say about the class

It's one of the greatest classes I have ever taken. I never missed a single day and I look forward to it each and every day. We talk and discuss so many issues related to health, education and peer advising that it really opens your mind and makes you think of how live your life. It is a learning experience not only over knowledge but really helps you learn about yourself and who you really are.
Heather (Dr. Eastman-Mueller) appreciates the wide breadth of views and topics relating to sexuality, sexual health and peer education. She strives to respect everyone by bringing in a large number of guest lecturers, speakers and experts. I was impressed by the range of ideas presented in class.
SHAPE has been a great way to get involved at Mizzou. I have really loved giving presentations in residence halls and student organizations. Interacting with and educating students on campus is always fun and challenging. I have met many wonderful people through my role as a leader on campus -- in the SHAPE program and out. SHAPE has taught me so much about myself and about sexual health education. I have learned valuable life skills that I will continue to use in the future.
My experience with SHAPE has been very positive. I have especially grown through giving presentations to my peers. I have become more confident, assertive and outgoing. On top of growing as a person, I have become very knowledgeable about sexual health topics and have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with a lot of amazing people.
It’s incredibly rewarding to participate in such an open-minded environment. I’ve really enjoyed and learned from my interactions in a comfortable, knowledgeable atmosphere. Understanding how to effectively communicate what I know is an ongoing, rewarding process for me.
SHAPE has been a fantastic way to get involved on campus with many great students and staff while acquiring professional skills that are applicable to any major!
SHAPE has been a great opportunity to get more involved on campus. It has been a really great learning experience, especially since I love having face-to-face interactions with my peers through educational programs and outreach events. The people I have met have been so supportive and have helped me grow as a leader and individual.