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Stress Management

Taking Steps Toward a Balanced Life

The impact of stress on your physical and mental health can have a negative effect on your academic performance. Our medical, behavioral health and wellness staff work together as a team to support choices when your life has become difficult. This may include treatment, medication, counseling or a wellness plan with life-skills practices.

Our certified health education specialist provides individual health coaching appointments and teach contemplative classes. If you prefer to learn about stress management strategies one-on-one, make an appointment with our certified health coach.

Some common areas impacted by stress include sleepphysical activityeating habits and tobacco cessation. The health coach will help you develop a customized wellness plan.

Contemplative Classes

Contemplative practices allow students to cultivate mindfulness, a present moment nonjudgmental awareness, which reduces stress and increases resilience. Contemplative classes are taught in the Contemplative Practice Center, which is nationally recognized for “Best Practices in College Health” by the American College Health Association.

We invite you to attend any of our contemplative classes or use the mindful relaxation audios to practice healthy coping strategies.