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Allergy Clinic

Our Allergy Clinic provides students with allergy injections as a service. You only need to supply your antigens and orders from your allergist. We don’t do allergy testing, but we can refer upon request you.

  1. Advise your home allergist that you will be attending the University of Missouri and need your antigen vial(s) and schedule mailed to:The Allergy Nurse
    MU Student Health Center
    1020 Hitt St. DC 800.00
    Columbia, MO 65212
  2. Reassure your allergist that the Health Center has physicians available at all times and the appropriate emergency medications are close at hand in case of an adverse reaction. If your allergist has any questions they can email or call the allergy nurse at 573-882-4661.
  3. Make an appointment with a provider at 573-882-7481.
    • We want to get to know you before you start getting injections. This may include reviewing medical history and a brief exam.
    • This is a one-time appointment throughout your college career to receive allergy injections.
  4. Wait 30 minutes after each injection.
    • Protocol with all allergy offices
    • There are no exceptions to this rule.

Seasonal Allergies Helpful Tips

If you have problems with your allergy shots

  • We always have physicians available and all the medications and equipment to treat adverse reactions.
  • The University Hospital Emergency Department is located right next to our building.
  • Your allergist will be consulted for any problem with your shots. Most allergists also provide trouble-shooting orders for patients who are late getting their shots.

How to get new vials and schedules

  • The allergy nurse will fax the reorder form and the completed vial schedule to your allergist.
  • The student is charged for new antigens by their allergist’s office.
  • New vials are mailed to Student Health Center, each patient’s vials are stored in individual bags with name, birth date and student number.

What happens during academic breaks?

  • If you’re going home over breaks, you will be responsible for picking up your vial and schedule and transporting it back to your allergist’s office.
  • Antigen must be kept refrigerated or in a cooler. Please be prepared when you come to pick up your antigen.
  • If you forget to pick up your antigen, call 573-882-4661 and ask to speak with the allergy nurse to discuss options. Students coming back from break will continue their injections without needing to schedule another provider appointment.

For any questions or concerns, contact the Allergy Nurse at 573-882-4661.