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Core Values & Mission

SHAPE advocates for safer, responsible, healthy sexuality, which includes their core values of talk, respect, protect and enjoy.


Discuss values, feelings, sexual histories (STI; sexually transmitted infections) and relationship needs. Part of being a sexually healthy individual means learning how to communicate what’s important to you. While talking about sex and sexual health issues isn’t always easy, the more you do it, the easier it will become for you and also for those who you’re talking with.


Engage in sexual relationships that are consensual and non-exploitative. Respect is being able to discriminate between life enhancing sexual behaviors and those that are harmful to self and/or others. Respect affirms your own sexual orientation and respects the sexual orientation of others.


Protect yourself and others against infection, unintended pregnancy, and other potentially negative physical and emotional effects of sexual intimacy. Protect your health through learning about sexual health, getting regular physical exams and engaging in health promoting behaviors such as breast exams, testicular self-exams and vaccine preventable disease.


Enjoy your sexuality according to your values. Whether you choose to be abstinent or to engage in a sexual relationship with someone you care about, enjoy an honest, pleasurable relationship throughout life.