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National STI Resources

April marks the annual observance of STD/STI Awareness Month, and in just a few weeks many of you will see awareness and testing events in your communities.

At the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) we are promoting a theme of STD/STI prevention for HIV prevention this STD/STI Awareness Month. Studies show that people who have STDs/STIs such as gonorrhea, herpes and syphilis are more likely to get HIV compared to people who do not have STDs/STIs. And the same behaviors that put a person at risk for acquiring these STDs/STIs also put them at risk for HIV.

There are various CDC and partner-developed resources that can be informative during STD/STI Awareness Month:

  • Prevention — STDs/STIs and HIV can be prevented. Learn how you can prevent both.
  • HIV Prevention — Newer options for HIV prevention are available. Find out more on the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention’s HIV Prevention Fact Sheet.
  • STD/STI Fact Sheets — Our disease-specific fact sheets provide information about STDs/STIs, STD/STI prevention and STD/STI treatment and are available in both English and Spanish.
  • STD/STI Screening as HIV Prevention Podcast — This video features commentary about the link between STDs and HIV.
  • National HIV and STD/STI Testing Resources — Use this STD/STI and HIV testing locator to find a nearby free or low-cost testing facility.