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Protect {Information & Skills to Protect Yourself Programs}

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Unprotected Sex

This program was designed to examine women’s sexual health including the identification of female reproductive anatomy and function, protective barrier method demonstration, assertiveness skill building, and an exploration of values surrounding particular issues. These topics will be addressed in a variety of fun, interactive formats including discussions, Q & A, and role-playing. Women are encouraged to invite their friends. The intent is to provide women a safe, open, honest environment to ask sexual health questions among other women with an emphasis placed on community building. Adaptations are available for however you identify. request it

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Sexual Health Jeopardy

This program offers the student a basic, yet comprehensive, range of sexual health information including facts on sexually transmitted infections, contraception, and drugs and alcohol’s influence on sexuality. Audience participation is required and facilitated in a game format where teams compete against each other. This is one of our most requested programs and is applicable to all audiences. This program can be modified to the specific issues affecting the particular audience population. request it

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Spin the Bottle Program

The purpose of this program is to investigate sexual health information including STIs, pregnancy prevention, diversity issues, and healthy sexuality in a fun and interactive way. This format offers a more intimate program for students and promises many interesting discussions. Opportunities for discussion. A small group is recommended. request it

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Safety Product Olympics

This program is designed to educate students on the correct and use of barrier methods including condom (male/female) and oral dam use in a fun, interactive environment. Following the presentation, the student will be able to demonstrate effective communication skills, identify different types of condoms, with emphasis placed on gaining sexual consent. Smaller groups are best as there are a limited number of models. request it

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Spread of STIs/STDs

In this program, facilitators will walk students through the sexual decision making process including partner selection and barrier use as they relate to assessing sexually transmitted infection risk. This program offers the student the opportunity to investigate their risk criteria as well as evaluate the factors that put themselves and others at risk. Information regarding sexually transmitted infections is also included. A safer sex continuum can be a part of this presentation. request it

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Exploring your Options

At some point in life, many people will use contraceptive methods to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unintentional pregnancies. In a relaxed, comfortable, non-judgmental environment, peer educators will facilitate discussions on various contraceptive choices including; advantages, disadvantages, cost, and where to obtain them. Abstinence is explored as an option as well. request it

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HIV and You: Know your Risk, Know your Status

This program focuses on helping students identify specific behaviors that put them at risk for HIV as well as offering them a variety of methods to protect themselves. A major emphasis of the program is placed on skill-building, with exercises in communication and appropriate use of barrier methods. STI testing methods, including HIV, will be discussed. request it

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Love on the Rocks

This program explores the connection between sexuality and substance use. The student will be provided with pertinent information regarding the undesirable and potentially dangerous effects associated with the combination of alcohol and sexual behavior. The program will facilitate the discussion of myths and misconceptions of alcohol as well as inform students about how to protect themselves. Assertiveness skill building is a component of this program. request it

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What’s It All About?

This program will discuss sexual health concerns while specifically discussing and demonstrating effective sexual health preventative measures including annual health screenings, STI testing, Testicular and Self Breast Examinations. This program can be specifically tailored to the audience based on their needs. This presentation can be adapted to address specific men, women and gender, non-conforming sexual health concerns as well as LGBTQ health. request it