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Talk {Communication Programs}

SHAPE program - Let's Talk ABout Sex

Let’s Talk About Sex

This program provides students the opportunity to explore sexual health communication and promote interaction and open discussions. Group definitions of sexual health will be developed, and a discussion will be facilitated related to interpretations of these definitions as applied to diversity, environment, and culture. The student will demonstrate their knowledge and ability to communicate through small group role playing activities with scenario applications (discussing past sexual history, choosing to be abstinent, negotiating contraceptive use). This program is most appropriate for small groups that have some baseline knowledge and comfort with each other. request it

SHAPE program - Assert It, You're Worth It

Assert It! You’re Worth It!

The purpose of this program is to provide students the skills necessary to identify their sexual health values as well as to effectively communicate those values and desires to their partners. Students are also given an opportunity to practice negotiation of safer sex practices. Other topics addressed will include how to speak about past sexual histories, using barrier/contraceptive methods, and how to obtain sexual pleasure and communicating those needs. All audiences welcome! request it

Abstinence: Voicing the Choice

Abstinence: Voicing the Choice

Skill development will include negotiation, overcoming peer pressure and the barriers to remaining abstinent, identification of safer sex options, and comfort discussing abstinence or postponing sexual activity. Students explore the definition of abstinence as a small group and evaluate values and beliefs associated with sexuality.request it